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「Wind,Tree,Fire,Mountain Fellowship Competition Award」- design by Frank Jiang「Wowprime Cup Tray Carrying Trophy」- design by Frank JiangTrack and field area, a great sport game will begin.「All Sports Game Trophy」- design by Frank Jiang「Sunflower Award」- design by Frank Jiang

New Award Culture is Born

The existence of an award is valued by the great performance of a human being. For the existence of human being, an award is a proof of glory, proving that an effort to realize and contribute to pursuing the truth, the goodness, and the beauty will get an honor in the end.
If you ever received an award, you have proved to yourself that dreams can come true. If you have not received any award, you will have a chance to choose your own road to success. Victory is not everlasting, only by insisting to pursue your own dream, and bring to life, then in the flow of time, you will see a wave of hope.